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Daily maintenance of steel structure workshop

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1. After the installation of our steel structure plant, the owner shall not change its structure without permission, remove any bolts and other parts, or add or reduce partition wall. If any part needs to be changed, the owner shall consult with the manufacturer to determine whether it can be changed or not. The steel structure must be maintained with paint after it has been used for about 3 years, so as to give the building beauty and safety. Steel structure workshop is connected by steel structure parts, so in the use of electrical equipment, such as what the application of wire groove line insulation, so as to avoid electric shock accident.

2. The steel structure workshop must be cleaned and maintained regularly. Under normal circumstances, it needs to be inspected and maintained once a year. When cleaning the outer wall of steel structure workshop, attention should be paid not to have disorderly phenomenon, can not use steel ball, brush and other abrasive cleaning products, with clean water should be washed from top to bottom. There are branches, leaves and similar objects on the steel plant should be removed in time, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble. If the metal surface of steel structure workshop is damaged, it should be repaired in time to avoid corrosion of the metal surface by sun and rain. If there is a need to use all coated with high-elastic nanomaterials, used to protect the metal roof board, and play an effective role in heat insulation and waterproof, save indoor air conditioning energy.

Steel structure workshop maintenance and maintenance of the service life of the steel structure has a great connection, therefore, the owner should have enough attention to it. If in the maintenance and maintenance of what problems, to contact professional steel structure manufacturers, get help.

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