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How to do steel structure engineering construction quality control and safety management

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With the widely application of the steel structure in construction, steel structure, steel structure construction technical personnel must strengthen learning professional knowledge related to steel structure engineering and management content, in the process of steel structure engineering construction, strives for the survival by the quality, keep the steel structure engineering in construction quality control and safety management, guarantee the quality of steel structure engineering more on a new step.

Steel structure engineering construction management

1.1 develop detailed construction organization design. To strengthen the control of two aspects: first, the formulation of construction plans, must carry out technical and economic analysis and comparison, and strive to ensure the quality of the premise, shorten the time limit and reduce the cost; Second, when making the construction schedule, we must consider whether the construction technology and construction sequence can guarantee the quality of the project. It can be said that the construction organization design is the technical document that the construction unit comprehensively guides the project implementation. Every project has its particularity, and the perfection of the construction organization design directly affects the quality progress of the project. The key points to be mastered before the construction of the project are :(1) the establishment of quality assurance system and technical management system. (2) special engineering training. (3) application of new technology. (4) pertinence of engineering projects. (5) measures and methods for quality and progress control. (6) arrangement of construction plan (time limit).

1.2 control of installation quality. Steel structure installation quality directly affects the engineering quality, so the installation personnel must read carefully the construction drawing, calculation of quantities carefully and make the project schedule and prepare the steel structure project construction organization design, each job as a steel structure installation guidance document, before construction should first of all kinds of mechanical installation debugging and testing, such as electric wrench check torsional shear type high strength bolt, high strength bolt and friction surface slip resistance coefficient of field test, the determination of stud welding process parameters (through, the penetration welding) welding, gas shielded welding speed and process control, etc., secondly, in conjunction with the supervision to quality testing approach of each component, Before lifting, check the deformation, geometric size, hole position and deviation of each component in detail and make records, timely feed back the quality problems to the factory, and never install the components with problems, so as to ensure the quality of the project and eliminate safety risks.

1.3 welding quality control. Site welding and site installation of steel structure engineering accounts for more than half of the engineering work, welding quality is not qualified in addition to causing safety risks, but also will produce too large deformation and residual stress, seriously affect the quality of steel structure engineering. In front of the welds need to carefully study the structure of the whole project, fully understand, according to the characteristics of the welding mechanics to design welding sequence, using symmetric, node structure, omni-directional symmetrical welding, welding steel beam first, after the welding steel column, the beam welding to weld the top beam, and the welding Liang Yiduan first, then the other end of the welding beam, forbidden on both ends of the welding at the same time, the column of welding process on the same node to two people at the same time respectively from both sides of the symmetrical circle welding column side of 100 ~ 150 mm. For the whole frame, the welding sequence of column and beam rigid joints starts from the whole stiffness center, forms the frame first, and then extends outward to continue the welding, so as to minimize the residual stress and deformation. For the welding of column and beam, the beam should be welded with one beam apart, so as to avoid both ends of the beam being heated at the same time, resulting in a large shrinkage stress in the beam. When a column has three layers, the sulfonated beam should be welded first, then the bottom beam, and finally the middle beam to ensure the veracity of the column. For the column, it should be welded symmetrically on both sides of the column, and the welding of the column to the column should be done by two or four welders with symmetrical turns. In the welding process, pay attention to the measurement and observation of the elevation, levelness and verticality of the column and beam, and stop the abnormal situation in time, analyze the reasons, change the welding sequence in time for special treatment, and make detailed records of the welding construction in each working area of each floor, so as to summarize the deformation rule and conduct comprehensive deformation prevention treatment. In order to ensure the quality of welding, check the integrity of welding in time to prevent leakage of welding, supervise the work of inspection and inspection personnel, and complete the whole welding process in sequence.

1.4 steel structure derusting and coating engineering. Derusting and coating of steel structure are the most easily neglected parts of steel structure engineering at present. Steel structure derusting can be divided into manual derusting and mechanical derusting. The construction personnel shall adopt different derusting methods according to the requirements of drawings and derusting grades. Coating brush engineering quality control should be achieved before the steel structure coating, coating components surface shall not have welding slag, grease, water and burr foreign bodies, coating brush times and thickness should meet the design requirements. To coating material must have qualification certificate, fireproof coating project must be approved by the construction unit of fire control department construction.

1.5 do the acceptance work well and pay attention to the treatment of quality problems. In the process of steel construction. Not only to do a good job in the acceptance of each item, but also to strengthen the construction process of inspection, inspection, especially the hidden part of the inspection, strictly control the quality of each construction link, do a good record of quality handover, so as to avoid the occurrence of quality accidents and expand, ensure the quality of steel structure engineering construction. After quality problems, first should immediately stop the construction, organization and technical personnel to carry on the analysis, find out the reason, measures for disposal of special rear can continue to construction, the construction again, deal with technical clarificaiton construction personnel, to have a major quality problem or part of the safe hidden trouble, resolutely removed to construction, eliminate quality problems appear again.

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