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Notes for steel structure workshop

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Impermeability: prevent rainwater from seeping into the metal roofing board from the outside. Rain water enters the metal roof mainly through lap gaps or joints. To achieve the function of anti-seepage, need to use sealed washer in screw mouth after the use of hidden fixed, in the lap of the plate with sealant or welding treatment, it is best to use the long plate to eliminate the lap, in various joints abdominal swelling tight waterproof treatment.

Fire prevention: the metal roofing material will not burn when fire occurs, and the flame will not penetrate the metal roofing board.

Anti-wind pressure: resist the maximum local wind pressure, the metal roofing board will not be pulled by the negative wind pressure. The wind resistance performance is related to the fastening force of metal roof plate and fixed seat, and the density of fixed seat.

Sound insulation: prevents sound from being transmitted from outside to inside or from inside to outside. In the metal roofing layer filled with sound insulation materials (usually thermal insulation cotton as), the sound insulation effect to the metal roofing layer on both sides of the sound intensity difference db. Sound insulation effect is related to the density and thickness of sound insulation materials. Attention should be paid to: sound insulation materials for different frequency of the sound barrier effect is not the same.

Ventilation: indoor and outdoor air exchange. Air vents are provided on the metal roof.

Moistureproof: prevent water vapor condensation in the metal roof bottom layer and metal roof layer, and exhaust the water vapor in the metal roof layer. The solution is to fill the metal roof layer with insulation cotton, cover the metal roof floor with waterproof film, and have ventilated nodes on the metal roof board.

Bearing: bear construction load, rain, dust, snow pressure, maintenance load. The load-bearing performance of the metal roof plate is related to the cross section characteristics of the plate, the strength and thickness of the material, the transmission mode, and the spacing of the purlins (secondary purlins).

Lightning protection: to lead the lightning to the ground, prevent the lightning from penetrating the metal roof into the room.

Insulation: prevent heat transfer on both sides of the metal roof to stabilize the indoor temperature. The insulation function is realized by filling insulation materials (glass wool and rock wool are commonly used) under the metal roof board. The insulation effect is expressed in U value and the unit is W/M2K. Insulation performance is determined by the following factors: insulation cotton raw materials, density, thickness; Humidity of insulation cotton, connection mode between metal roof board and lower structure (to prevent "cold bridge" phenomenon); Repeated ability of metal roofing to thermal radiation.

Lighting: improve indoor lighting through skylights during the day to save energy. In the specific location of the metal roof layout of light mining plate or lighting glass, should consider the service life of the skylight and the metal roof plate coordination, in the skylight and the metal roof plate joint to do a good waterproof treatment.

Beautiful: metal roofing has good texture and pleasing color.

Control thermal expansion and cold contraction: control the shrinkage displacement and direction of metal roof plate. Ensure that the metal roofing board in the area of large temperature difference will not be damaged by thermal expansion and contraction of the stress.

Avalanche protection: metal roofing in snow areas is equipped with snow barriers to prevent sudden snow slide.

Icicles: prevent rain and snow from forming icicles on the eaves

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