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Advantages of steel structure factory

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1. Steel structure members are made in the factory, which can reduce the site workload, shorten the construction period and meet the requirements of industrialization, not only saving resources but also reducing some unnecessary pollution.

2, steel structure factory production quality is reliable, accurate size, easy installation, easy to cooperate with the relevant parts.

3. Light weight and high strength, the weight of houses built with steel structure is about 1/2 of that of reinforced concrete houses; To meet the needs of residential large room, the use area of reinforced concrete residential increase by about 4%.

4, steel can be recycled, construction and demolition of environmental pollution is less. These advantages are what steel houses are worth. He used these advantages to hold up the "safety umbrella" of life.

5, safety and reliability, earthquake resistance, wind resistance performance is good, load capacity, earthquake resistance capacity can reach eight, big earthquake does not damage in the earthquake is its style. The combination of people-oriented and natural nature is the value of steel structure housing, for the construction of housing, to ensure personal safety is the most important, tangshan earthquake, wenchuan earthquake, ya 'an earthquake and so on these injuries are engraved on people's hearts and minds.

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