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Steel structure housing should be the development direction

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The front page of the economic daily ran a report titled "green buildings can be developed and steel surplus can be eliminated." Article proposed building industrialization, implementing a bubble capsule can improve the efficiency of construction, improve the quality of construction, low carbon energy saving, accord with the requirement of sustainable development, also dissolve excess steel production capacity of an effective way of thinking, in the process of advancing the new urbanization, to further strengthen building representatives of the steel structure building industry into industrialization, has important practical significance.

Steel structure housing, is the urban recyclable building structure. It can not only recycle and reuse, reduce the emission of construction waste, but also promote the industrial development of housing, promote the upgrading and upgrading of building parts. Compared with developed countries, there is a big gap in China's steel structure green building. In the United States, Japan and other developed countries, the amount of steel used in steel structure has accounted for more than 30% of the steel production, steel structure construction area accounted for more than 40% of the total construction area. But in our country, steel structure with steel less than 6%, and steel structure building area in the total building area of less than 5%.

At present, China's building structure is mainly reinforced concrete and masonry structure, which is the main cause of building energy consumption. Reinforced concrete and masonry structure material recycling rate is low, resulting in a huge waste of resources, after the demolition of the structure, a large number of construction waste, disposal costs are huge. And steel structure building in the full life cycle can maximize the reserve of scrap steel resources, become the second mining industry, promote reasonable steel production capacity and realize circular economy and energy conservation and environmental protection; Steel structure building has good anti-seismic performance, which can reduce the casualties and property losses in the earthquake, and can also form temporary shelter as soon as possible, and the cost of post-disaster reconstruction is also low. Also can be industrialized production, short construction period, construction project quality and time limit guaranteed.

China's adequate steel production provides a solid material basis for the industrialization of steel structure construction. Large-scale promotion of steel structure construction can effectively solve the current domestic steel overcapacity, construction enterprises into trouble in the operation of the pattern. However, the current use of steel varieties to optimize absorption of excess steel capacity, practical difficulties, but also need the government, social coordination.

First, the government should provide policy support, such as the establishment of public platforms for industrial interaction and cooperation, to promote the industry's maturity. Secondly, the market expansion of steel civil buildings can focus on those relatively neat and simple building types, such as office buildings, school buildings, hospitals and so on. After the market share, social influence and customer acceptance are improved to a certain extent, the company will gradually focus on residential buildings with large quantity and wide coverage, and finally realize the ultimate goal of developing prefabricated steel structure civil buildings.

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