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Technical key points of steel structure installation

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1 positioning measurement

According to the design data, the horizontal elevation, axis and column spacing of the foundation are measured again. The vertical and horizontal axes are marked on the top of the foundation to serve as the positioning reference for installing the posts.

2 column installation

In order to eliminate the influence of the manufacturing error of the column length on the elevation of the column, before lifting, measure 1m from the upper plane of the bracket as the section of the theoretical elevation, mark the obvious mark, and use it as the reference for adjusting the elevation of the column. On the upper surface of the column bottom plate, mark the cross line of the vertical and horizontal axis through the center of the column, and use it as the reference for the installation and positioning of the column. During installation, the cross cross line on the column and the foundation shall be superimposed.the elevation of the column shall be corrected according to the mark at the theoretical elevation on the column with the level instrument first, and then the anchor screw shall be tightened with the cushion block. Then two theodolites are used to correct the verticality of the column from the two axes. After meeting the requirements, the bolts are tightened with double nuts. For a single unstable column, temporary protection measures can be taken by adding wind cables. For columns designed with inter-column support, inter-column support can be installed to enhance structural stability.

3 crane beam installation

Before the crane beam is installed, it should be checked and installed only when the deformation does not exceed the limit. After the single beam of the crane is hoisted in place, it shall be connected with the bracket with bolts in time, and the connecting plate between the upper edge of the beam and the column shall be connected, and the bolts shall be tightened after the adjustment with the level instrument and the measuring instrument.

Installation of roof beams

Roof beams should be inspected before ground assembly. Only when the deformation of the components is not exceeded, the friction surface of high-strength bolt connection is free of silt and other sundries and the friction surface is flat and dry can the components be assembled on the ground. When assembling, oil-free sleepers are used to pad up the members, and wooden poles are used to support both sides of the members to enhance stability. Roofing beam assembly takes two columns as a unit, and the unit shall be tested after splicing:

(1) beam straightness;

(2) the spacing of bolt holes connected to other components (such as columns). Tighten the high-strength bolts after the adjustment inspection meets the requirements.

5 attachment installation

Roof purlin and wall purlin were installed simultaneously. Before the purlin is installed, check the deformation of the components, such as the over-limit treatment, remove the components surface oil, sand and so on. Several purlins were hoisted together as a group. After one span was installed, the purlin slope was checked. It is required that the straightness of purlin should be controlled within the allowable deviation range, otherwise it should be adjusted by connection bolt (add spacer if necessary).

6. Re-inspection, adjustment, welding and painting repair

All components shall be reinspected and adjusted after lifting. After meeting the design requirements, on-site welding shall be carried out to repair the paint damage of components.

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