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Comprehensive understanding of eight basic knowledge of steel structure

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First, the characteristics of steel structure

1, steel structure weight is relatively light

2. High reliability of steel structure

3, steel shock resistance (shock), impact resistance is good

4. High degree of industrialization of steel structure manufacturing

5. Steel structure can be assembled accurately and quickly

6, easy to make a sealed structure

7, steel structure easy to corrosion

8. Poor fire resistance of steel structure

Grade and properties of steel commonly used for steel structures

1. Carbon structural steel: Q195, Q215, Q235, Q255, Q275, etc

2, low alloy high strength structural steel

3. High-quality carbon structural steel and alloy structural steel

Special purpose steel

Three, the steel structure of the material selection principle

The principle of material selection of steel structure is to ensure the bearing capacity of load-bearing structure and prevent brittle failure under certain conditions. According to the importance of the structure, load characteristics, structure form, stress state, connection method, steel thickness and working environment, etc.

"Steel structure design specification" gb50017-2003 put forward four kinds of steel model is "appropriate" use model, is the first choice when conditions permit, does not prohibit the use of other models, as long as the use of steel to meet the requirements of the specification.

Main technical content of steel structure

(1) high-rise steel structure technology. According to the building height and design requirements, frame, frame support, tube and mega-frame structure are adopted respectively. The members can be steel, reinforced concrete or concrete-filled steel tube. The steel members are light and ductile, which can be welded or rolled, suitable for super high building layer. Rigid reinforced concrete members, good fire performance, suitable for middle and high-rise buildings or bottom structure; Concrete filled steel tube construction is simple and can only be used for column structure.

(2) space steel structure technology. The space steel structure has the advantages of light weight, large stiffness, beautiful shape and fast construction speed. The spherical joint flat grid, multi-layer variable-section grid and reticulated shell are the most widely used spatial steel structures in China. With the advantages of large spatial stiffness, low steel content, in design, construction and inspection procedures, and can provide complete CAD. In addition to the grid structure, there are large span suspension cable structure and cable membrane structure in the space structure.

(3) light steel structure technology. The new form of wall and roof envelope is accompanied by light colored steel plate. It is composed of large-section thin-wall h-beam and roofing purlin welded or rolled with steel plate above 5mm. The round steel is made into a light steel structure system composed of flexible support system and high-strength bolt connection. The column distance can be 6m to 9m, the span can be 30m or more, the height can be more than 10 meters, and it can be equipped with light lifting four. Use steel quantity 20 ~ 30kg/m2. Now there are standardized design procedures and specialized production enterprises, good product quality, fast installation speed, light weight, less investment, construction without seasonal restrictions, suitable for all kinds of light industrial plants.

(4) steel concrete composite structure technology. In recent years, the application of beam and column load-bearing structure with shaped steel or steel management and concrete components is expanding. The composite structure has the advantages of both steel and concrete, with great overall strength, good rigidity and good anti-seismic performance. Composite structural members can generally reduce the amount of steel used by 15 ~ 20%. Composite floor and concrete filled steel tube members also have the advantages of less formwork or no formwork, convenient and rapid construction, and great promotion potential. It is suitable for frame beam, column and floor of multi-storey or high-rise building, industrial building column and floor, etc.

(5) high strength bolt connection and welding technology. High strength bolt is through friction to transfer stress, by bolt, nut and washer three parts. The high strength bolt connection construction is simple, the demolition is flexible, the bearing capacity is high, the anti-fatigue performance and the self-locking is good, the safety is high merit, the project has replaced riveting and the partial welding, becomes the steel structure manufacture and the installment main connection method. Automatic multi-wire arc welding shall be adopted for thick plates of steel members made in the workshop, and electroslag welding shall be adopted for box column baffles. Semi-automatic welding technology, gas shielded flux cored wire and self-shielded flux cored wire technology should be adopted in site installation and construction.

(6) steel structure protection technology. Steel structure protection includes fire prevention, corrosion prevention, rust prevention, is generally used in fire coatings after the treatment of no need to do rust prevention treatment, but in the building still need to do corrosion treatment. There are many kinds of domestic fire coatings, such as TN series, Mc-10, etc., among which Mc-10 fire coatings have alkyd enamel, chlorinated rubber paint, fluororubber paint and chlorosulfonated paint, etc. Suitable coating and coating thickness should be selected according to steel structure type, fire resistance grade and environment requirement.

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