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Guangdong Zhuhai Construction Engineering Co., Ltd

Guangdong Zhuhai Construction Engineering Co., Ltd has been engaged in construction and civil engineering and steel structure design and engineering construction. In terms of design work, the company is good at multi-high-rise, workshop, complex steel structure design. In terms of engineering construction, special steel structure category, has accumulated rich construction experience, including multi-high-rise steel structure, special-shaped steel structure, steel structure box girder bridge, etc.

The main business scope of the company is: general contracting of construction construction, specialized contracting of steel structure engineering, specialized contracting of waterproof, anticorrosive and heat preservation engineering, specialized contracting of building curtain wall engineering, specialized contracting of building decoration and decoration engineering, specialized contracting of special engineering. We have rich design and construction experience in steel structure building and net frame building, providing strong technical force for the development of the enterprise, and adhering to the business philosophy of "technical innovation, dedication, integrity and high quality service" based on a large number of experienced engineering and technical personnel. Scientific design, strict construction, common development with customers.

The project design

According to the customer's preliminary planning and design of the plot ratio, green rate, building density and use function of the proposed construction project, the specific design plan, elevation plan, section plan and corresponding economic budget are made to the owner.

Construction drawing design

According to the design scheme determined by the construction unit and within the scope of current national standards, reasonable structural software is used for structural calculation to optimize structural technical and economic indicators as far as possible, and standard and complete structural working drawings and structural calculation books are drawn. Cooperate with the construction unit to review the construction drawings.

The optimization design

As a professional steel structure company, we are familiar with all kinds of structural design software within the scope of relevant national codes. Under the condition of ensuring structural safety, we have professionals to check the safety, practicability and economy of some unreasonable steel structure designs. So that after the adjustment of the structural design can not only meet the requirements of the owners, but also in the project economic cost has a certain extent of reduction, avoid unnecessary project waste, save precious construction funds.

Detail design

According to the determined construction drawing, use various detail drawing software flexibly to combine the two-dimensional model and three-dimensional model to decompose the construction drawing

 into production processing drawing and engineering installation drawing, including material procurement and preparation list, part processing drawing, component processing drawing, component installation

 drawing, maintenance plate processing and layout drawing, edge closing and corner wrapping drawing, and detailed component and part material Detailed list.

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